4-7 THE UNIFORM AND ITS MEANING:The JROTC uniform designates it wearer as a member of the JROTC Program. Because all the cadets, regardless of rank and duty,wear the same type of uniform, its wearing signifies the unity present among the member of the Corps. Yet the uniform assumes an even greater personal significance for each cadet; a piece of formal attire, the uniform serves as a highly visible symbol of personal pride. In order to present a positive image to others and to impart a positive attitude upon oneself,JROTC cadets are expected to maintain high standards to both personal appearance and grooming. Moreover,the neat and well-groomed appearance of all cadets contributes to the development of the pride and spirit of the JROTC Program and Wicomico High School. Compliments and accolades earned - and, conversely, dishonorable acts committed - while in uniform reflect not only upon the cadet but also upon the program and the school.

4-8 RESPONSIBILITY FOR PERSONAL APPEARANCE:Each individual cadet is responsible for maintaining a high degree of personal appearance by wearing the uniform in the prescribed manner and adhering to all guidelines governing personal grooming. Cadet leaders are responsible for ensuring that cadets under their command present a neat and well-groomed appearance in accordance to regulations. Cadets in uniform are subject to on-the-spot corrections by cadet leaders and the military staff for uniform violations while at school or on the way to and from school, including while riding on a school bus.


A.    When to where the uniform:

         (1) When and Where: Cadets are required to wear their JROTC uniform on designated days, and they may wear only the class of uniform specified for that day. Typical events requiring the wearing of the uniform include inspections,JROTC functions such as parades and Drill Team and Color Guard meets,JROTC-staffed activities such as ushering the "Back to School Nights" and Military Awards Banquet. Cadets will always be notified of a uniform day several days in advance. On uniform days, cadets will wear the uniform for the entire day, from the time they leave home until they return home or leave school for the civilian function.

        (2) When Not t Wear:Cadets may not wear their uniform at any time when it's wear is not required by the SAI/AI. Cadets should put on the uniform just before leaving for school and remove it immediately upon returning home. Cadets participating in any physical education, woodworking, or art class during school must either remove the uniform for the duration of that class period or wear a shop coat, as appropriate. Wearing of the uniform does not excuse a cadet from participation. In addition,the uniform is not to be worn on the job by working cadets. Cadets participating in other, non-physical extracurricular activities, such as after school clubs, may remove their uniform for that activity.

B.    Failure to Wear Uniform:

       (1)Absence:In the event of an excused absence from school on a designated uniform day (such as inspection), the cadet must wear the uniform on the next day of JROTC class. Failure to comply with these make-up procedures will result in consequences outlined in section 4-9.

       (2)There are no acceptable excuses for failure to wear a uniform if the cadet is present at school on an occasion when the uniform is to be worn. If there is some reason why a cadet cannot be in uniform on the designated day,the cadet must request (from the SAI/AI) in advance to be excused. If the uniform becomes damaged, the cadet must bring it to school immediately; the damaged part will be exchanged as soon as possible, and provisions will be made for the cadet until he/she again has a serviceable uniform. Having sent the uniform to the cleaners and not having received the uniform back in time for an event is not a valid excuse for not being in uniform; a note from home with an excuse for failure to wear the uniform is also unacceptable.

C.    Failure to Make-Up:In the event that the uniform is not worn on the day prescribed and the cadet fails to adhere to the appropriate make-up procedures,the cadet will receive an "0" for the inspection grade/credit. Cadets can, on approval from the SAI, make up the inspection the next class period fr a maximum of 50% credit. Failure to wear the uniform on more than (2) occasions can result in the cadet's failing that quarter. Senior cadets who miss any inspections will be removed from leadership positions and reduced in rank.

D.    The Prescribed Uniform:The following uniforms are prescribed and authorized for the JROTC cadets at Wicomico High School.

       (1) Professional Uniforms:

             (i) Male Cadets:

                  (1) Class A:Coat,AG 489;trousers,AG 489; shirt AG 415; garrison cap,AG 489,with appropriate insignia;black shoes;black socks;name tag;all authorized insignia,ribbons,designated rank,awards,and units crest.

                  (2)Class B:Shirt AG 415,short sleeves;trousers,AG 489;garrison cap,AG 489,with appropriate insignia;black shoes;black socks;name tag;all authorized insignia,ribbons,and designated rank,awards,and unit crest.

             (ii)Female Cadets:

                  (1)Class A:Coat,AG 489;shirt, women AG 415 with neck tab; slacks,AG 489;black shoes;black hose/socks;garrison cap,AG 489,with appropriate insignia;name tag;all authorized insignia,ribbons,designated rank,awards,and unit crest.

                  (2)Class B:Shirt,AG 415,short sleeves with neck tab;slacks,AG 489;black shoes;black hose/socks;garrison cap,AG 489,with appropriate insignia,ribbons, designated rank,awards,and unit crest.

       (2)Battle Dress Uniforms (BDU):BDU's are authorized to be worn for training events by Raiders team members and other event attendees as directed. The BDU cap is the only authorized headgear. Normally,BDU's will not be worn during school hours.

E.    Arrangement of Uniform Components:

       (1)Ribbons:Authorized award ribbons will be worn in rows above the left breast pocket. Ribbons should be worn in order of precedence (see section 8-1);from the perspective of the wearer, the ribbon with the highest precedence is worn in the upper right position, the one with the lowest in the lower left position. See the diagram in section 8-1.

       (2)Medals:Medals are arranged in order of ascending precedence from the wearer's right.

       (3)Unit Crest:One Wicomico High School unit crest is worn on each shoulder epaulet of the Class A jacket. For the Class B uniform, it is worn above the name tag on the shirt.

       (4)Torches of Knowledge:One Torch of Knowledge is worn on each lapel of the Class A jacket.

       (5)Rank:For the Class A uniform,rank is worn on both shoulder epaulets. For the Class B uniform, shoulder boards are worn.

       (6)Honor Unit Insignia:The Honor Unit insignia, the star, is worn with one point up, centered over the right breast pocket of the jacket/shirt (centered over the name tag on the female jacket/shirt).

       (7)Academic Achievement Insignia:The Academic Achievement insignia is worn centered over the right breast pocket of the jacket/shirt (centered over the name tag on the female jacket/shirt). When worn with the honor star, the star will be centered within the wreath. A felt pad centered background,worn beneath the wreath indicated receipt of subsequent Academic Achievement awards. (Second award=scarlet pad; Third award=silver-gray Pad; Fourth award=gold pad).

       (8)Shoulder Cords:Shoulder cords will not exceed two in number for any cadet (one on each shoulder). The cord will pass under the arm. When only one cord is worn, it will be worn on the left shoulder. Cords with a ferrule (tip) will be worn with the ferrule to the front. The shoulder cords authorized for Wicomico High School JROTC Corps of Cadets are:

                                       (i) Color Guard-white

                                       (ii)Drill Team-red

                                       (iii)Battalion Staff-gold

                                       (iv)Raider Team-black

F.   Wearing the Prescribed Uniform:

      (1)The Class A uniform must be clean,neatly pressed,and fully buttoned.

Uniforms must be dry-cleaned only; dry-cleaning cost is the responsibility of the cadet.

      (2)All parts of the required uniform must be worn at all times. For example, the Class A uniform should not be worn without a coat, even on warm days.

      (3)No part of the uniform may be worn with any civilian clothing.

      (4)Cadets must wear only the uniform assigned to them. Cadets who loan uniform parts, and those who accept the loans, will be disciplined.

      (5)Fit:Should the issued uniform at any time no longer fit the cadet, the cadet must bring the uniform to the supply room. The uniform will be tailored or replaced free of charge.

      (6)Headgear:The proper headgear must be worn when outdoors. Except when required during inspections, headgear must be removed indoors. The garrison caps should be worn squarely on the head, and the distance between the bottom rim of the cap and the bridge of the nose should be two fingers' width.

     (7)Shoes, Boots, and Socks:Cadets must wear only there JROTC-issued shoes and boots. Male cadets shall wear black socks. Female cadets may wear black hose. Shoes and bootlaces, except for special unit uniforms, shall be black. The shoes must be highly shined using a non-abrasive cleaner (e.g. Pledge Furniture Polish) or a clean damp cloth. Boots may be shined ONLY with black KIWI SHOE POLISH. No other brands of polish are allowed.The use of "instant polish" is strictly prohibited; cadets who use it will receive a "0" for their inspection grade.

    (8)Insignia:Insignia must be clean and free of visible scratches and other deformities. Brass insignia must be highly polished; only brass polish may be used. No residual brass polish should appear on the insignia.

    (9)Damaged Insignia:Insignia will occasionally become scratched or otherwise damaged. Cadets should bring damaged insignias to their supply officer in order to obtain a replacement.

    (10)Jewelry and Cosmetics:Jewelry shall be limited to one ring and one watch. Females may wear no more than one earring in each ear, and the earrings must be conservative in style. Males are not permitted to wear earrings at any time. Females may wear basic red or clear nail polish. Any make-up must be conservative in style.



A. Hair:

    (1)Males:The hair on top of the head must be short and may not present a ragged or unkempt appearance. Hairstyles must be conservative. The hair may not touch the ears and must be tapered on the back of the head so as not to touch the collar. Hair should not be shaggy or bowl-cut. Corn rows are allowed if short/close to the head and not hanging down the shirt collar.

    (2)Females:The hair must be arranged in such a way that allows the headgear to fit properly. Hair may not fall below the neck in the rear. Front bangs must be short and unobtrusive. Hair may not fall onto the face or over the ears. Hairstyles that do not meet these regulations must be corrected by placing the hair in a bun and, if necessary, tying it with a "scrunchie".

    (3)Sideburns:Any sideburns must not extend beyond the opening of the ear. Sideburns must be neatly trimmed, and the base should be clean-cut Horizontal line.

    (4)Mustaches:Mustaches must be neatly trimmed, not to exceed the corners of the mouth, and must not present a bush appearance.

    (5)Shaving:Males are expected to be cleanly shaven; Shaving should eliminate all "peach fuzz".

    (6)Goatees and beards:Goatees and beards are not permitted

    (7)Hair Ornaments:Hair ornaments, such as beads and radical hairpins, are not permitted

    (8)Hair must be clean.

    (9)Hair must not be dyed in an unnatural color. In all cases, the bulk or the length of hair will not interfere with the normal wear of the headgear.

B. Fingernails:Fingernails must be neatly trimmed and of moderate length. Decorations, and stylized extensions are not permitted.

C. Other:Cadets should strive to present a clean and neat business appearance. For example, they should shower every day, brush their teeth, and wear deodorant.




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