Drill Team;
The Drill Team is a precision marching team that competes in Drill and Ceremonies ("D&C") in several local and regional competitions and at certain local events. The Drill Team executes standard D&C moves according to a highly polished, set routine. In addition to marching, members receive a red Drill Team cord to wear on their uniform. Any cadet interested in learning disciplined marching should join the Drill Team.

Unarmed Commander; C/CPT. Caitlin Cecil
Armed Commander; C/CPT. Thomas McMenamy
Practices; Every Wednesday from 1900-2030hrs.

Color Guard;
The Color Guard is a precision marching team that uses replica rifles and flags in performance at local events (such as football and basketball games, graduation, national holidays, veterans and community ceremonies, etc.) and in highly competitive competitions. The four cadets who comprise a single Guard team present the colors as they march to a highly polished, preset routine. A different combination of four cadets earn the honor to perform at each event. Every Color Guard member receives special uniform attachment and the white Color Guard cord. Any cadet interested in performing impressive routines in front of attentive crowds should join the Color Guard.

Varsity Commander; C/LTC. Heather Gravenor
JV Commander; C/CPT. Catherine Sileo
Practices; Every Tuesday and Thursday from 1500-1600hrs.

The Raiders team is composed of "The Elite" of the JROTC cadets. In this most challenging club, cadets receive training in survival and field techniques. They undergo rigorous physical training in both cardiovascular and weightlifting activities. Raiders learn first aid, land navigation, and other team skills. This intense training is designed to prepare Raiders for competition with other schools across the region in PT, first aid, the one-rope bridge, land navigation, and a 5km forced march.

Alpha Team Commander; C/CPT. John McMullen
Bravo Team Commander;
C/CPT. Douglas Ruark
Practices; Every Monday and Wednesday from 1500-1600hrs.

Leadership Weekend;
Cadets spend a weekend learning new military skills and get a taste of military life by living in the barracks and eating in the mess hall at a local military posts. This activity is open to enthusiastic cadets who have earned good grades in JROTC class. This trip is usually taken twice per year (once in the fall and once in the spring). Preference is given to cadets of the lower LET levels.

Summer Camp;
This activity is the most selective and prestigious extracurricular JROTC opportunity. The SAI chooses a handful of cadets to attend an intense camp at a regional military installation or a civilian facility. At this overnight camp, grueling physical training combines with military education and culminates into an exciting closing competition. Cadets who complete Summer Camp usually earn advanced rank when the return to JROTC class the following school year. Stringent academic and physical qualifying requirements must be met, and attendees must adhere to a physical training regimen before camp begins.

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