The Army Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (JROTC) Program at Wicomico High School is a high visibility and performance unit. As such, your membership in this dynamic organization includes both specified and implied responsibilities of a personal and professional nature.

      This course of instruction is not like other course offerings. We have definite culture in JROTC that contributes to personal self-development and the maintenance of a positive learning environment. The moment you walk through the JROTC classroom door you will notice a difference in atmosphere that we are proud of and insist on supporting. You will also notice that you are immediately presumed to be a young adult and that all that you show, say, and do will reflect that fact.

    We are about the serious business of learning, following, leading, and becoming more informed about the real world. We come to understand that our actions and words result in logical consequences. We are positive about ourselves and others and look for the lessons hiding in each of life's experiences...a way of life not for the weak of heart or thin of skin. We keep in mind that people and the world around us will respond based on our contributions and actions...not on our unobserved potential.

    For 99% of the cadets who participate in this program, life becomes something with clear objectives, goals, and many positive career/educational options to select from upon graduation. So, get on board the train...the ticket to ride is an open mind, a positive attitude, and the willingness to: CLOSE MOUTH (it's hard to listen while talking), OPEN EARS (listen effectively), FOCUS EYES (look at who is talking), and ENGAGE BRAIN (learning cannot take place with the mind in park)! I'm glad you're here


Previous Senior Army Instructor


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